Why Dunkin Iced Coffee is the Superior Cold Coffee

Dunkin Iced Coffee is significantly better than Seattle mermaid coffee, here’s why:

We’re going to say something controversial and you may not like it, but it has to be said: Starbucks iced coffee is…well, awful. Our minds can’t quite process why millions of people flock to this coffee chain for bitter, burnt tasting, and over-priced iced coffee. And It doesn’t matter the plant-based milk you put in your drink, it just plain sucks. It seems the more flavors, sugars, and sweeteners you add to the drink, the more a Starbucks iced coffee starts to become worse, not better. 

Are we living in another dimension? Are our taste buds working – hello? Anyway, why settle for Ms. Seattle mermaid burnt iced coffee, when the real and true supreme ruler of cold Jo is Dunkin Iced Coffee. Yes, we said it. From our lips to God’s ears, Dunkin Iced Coffee is the Kween of iced coffee – with a capital K!

What makes Dunkin iced coffee better? 

What makes Dunkin iced coffee better

Well, we’re not entirely sure as we aren’t privy to Dunkin’s secret formula. But we do know that if you order Dunkin iced coffee black, it is just as good (if not better) than if you had added a plant-based milk or sugar packet in it. The taste is somewhat sweet (vs its bitter rival, Starbucks), smooth, and can even give you hints of chocolate nostalgia (although no chocolate was used in the making of the drink). If black coffee is not your go-to, a splash of almond milk will make anyone a believer in Dunkin’s brew.

Dunkin Iced Coffee Sizes

Dunkin Iced Coffee Sizes

Times are tough and with rising prices, we hate paying more money for less product. When we order a small iced coffee from Starbucks (sorry, we refuse to use their cup lingo) we often wonder if we ordered from the children’s menu as the cup is drastically smaller than its Dunkin counterpart. In fact, all the Dunkin iced coffee sizes are significantly larger than Starbucks and cheaper, too. We did a bit of investigating and found the cup sizes are shockingly different and for the prices you are paying at Starbucks, you are getting more bang for your buck when you choose Dunkin.

Starbucks vs. Dunkin Iced Coffee Sizes:

Starbucks Iced Coffee Sizes

  • Mini: Short [8 fl. oz.] 
  • Small: Tall [12 fl. oz.] 
  • Medium: Grande [16 fl. oz.] 
  • Large: Venit Cold [24 fl. oz.] 
  • Extra Large: Trenta Cold [31 fl. oz.] 

Dunkin Iced Coffee Sizes

  • Small: 16 oz
  • Medium: 24 oz
  • Large: 32 oz

We love that Dunkin keeps it simple when ordering an iced coffee. You don’t have to learn a foreign language in order to pick your iced coffee cup size and they provide you with three easy options that are significantly larger than their Starbucks counterparts. Come on, is a “short” Starbucks cup really even necessary? That’s certainly not going to excite us enough to get out of bed and stand in line for an 8 oz beverage. 

Additionally, there seems to be a big difference in the way that an iced coffee at Dunkin is prepared vs. how one at Starbucks is prepared. If you notice on your Starbucks cup there are markers indicating to the barista how much coffee to put in the drink before putting the ice in, and once it reaches the line, you will then see the barista use a scooper to fill the second line with ice. Why so methodical? This isn’t chemistry class. We much prefer Dunkin’s attitude of throwing in the ice first and then filling it up to the top of the cup with iced coffee.

By the way, we just want to know…who puts the iced coffee in the cup first and then the ice? That’s like making a bowl of cereal and putting the milk first then the cereal. It makes no sense.

Calories in Dunkin Iced Coffee

Dunkin Iced Coffee Caffeine 

We love that no matter if you get a small, medium, or large iced coffee at Dunkin Donuts the calorie count is the same: 5 total calories. However, once you start delving into the world of plant-based milk, sugar, and Dunkin sweeteners is when the sugars and calories start to add up. And we’ll try not to be too petty here, but Starbucks has 10 calories in their iced coffee. 5 whole more calories than Dunkin…so obviously, Dunkin wins.

Dunkin Iced Coffee Caffeine 

When it comes to that “pick me up” you need, Dunkin delivers. Dunkin iced coffee caffeine content is 198 mg for a small, 297 mg for a medium, and 396 for a large. Compared to Starbucks with 95 mg in a tall, 175 mg in a grande, and 265 mg in a venti (Ew, we used their cup lingo). But, as previously mentioned their cup sizes are drastically different, and essentially a medium Dunkin iced coffee is equal in size to a large Starbucks iced coffee if you want to compare apples to apples. 

And while the recommended intake of caffeine is between 100-200 mg, Dunkin does slightly push the caffeine limits with their medium and large iced coffee cups. But if you went to Dunkin for a strong, delicious iced coffee, that’s what you’re gonna get. If you want weak, bitter iced coffee and sad Jazz music playing while your paper straw falls apart in your drink, go to Starbucks.

You know where we’ll be.

While everyone has a heated opinion on this, the truth of the matter is that Dunkin iced coffee reigns supreme. And if you think otherwise, argue with the wall.

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