The 10 Best Blue Smoothie Bowls

When it comes to colorful smoothie bowls, there’s one color that has caught our attention as of late, the ever popular blue smoothie bowls. These colorful smoothie bowls are often topped with delicately cut fruits, veggies and other healthy ingredients that make them look like something from another planet (in a good way). We’ve collected some of our favorite blue smoothie bowls from around the gram (that is a place, right?) and compiled the ultimate list for you to admire — and hopefully inspire you to make your own.

What makes smoothie bowls blue?

First and foremost, what is this magical blue smoothie powder that makes these magical bowls so blue? Well, if your guess was blueberries, you’re close, but no smoothie bowl for you. These blue smoothie bowls are actually made with blue spirulina powder and comes from the pigment of blue-green algae. This blue algae is packed with antioxidants that boast big health benefits like supporting pain-relief, brain function, anti-inflammatory and so much more!

The 10 best blue smoothie bowls 

1. Birthday Cake Blue Smoothie Bowl

We aren’t ones to celebrate birthdays, but for this blue smoothie bowl…well, we will have to make an exception!

2. Oceanic Blue Smoothie Bowl

Our sunscreen is on and our bags are packed for the beach with this blue smoothie bowl. 

3. Tropical Blue Smoothie Bowl

Not sure if this smoothie bowl was meant to be consumed or commissioned to the MOMA?

4. Arctic Blue Smoothie Bowl

Our beach days are over, but we are headed to a frozen tundra…and if it looks anything like this smoothie bowl, we’re more than okay with it!

5. Turquoise Dreams Blue Smoothie Bowl

Is this the smoothie bowl of our dreams? Yes, so don’t wake us up!

6. Tropical Wave Smoothie Bowl Cups

It’s true, these aren’t traditional smoothie bowls, but we won’t complain. Just look at them!

7. Paradise Blue Smoothie Bowl

Normally we don’t share, but since there are two, we guess you can have a bite.

8. Avalanche Blue Smoothie Bowl

We’ve been transported to a snowy mountain village and we’ll see you on the slopes!

9. Berry Blue Smoothie Bowl

This counts as a full serving of fruit and veggies, right?

10. Piña Colada Smoothie Bowl

We’ve traveled across a lot of landscapes throughout this list, but you can leave us here on the beach eating this piña colada smoothie bowl.

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